UW Sustainability Action Network

UW SAN will maintain a part-time staff for the duration of our two-year grant period. This staff is intended to jump start the creation of the Sustainability Action Network, and to increase the effectiveness of all our efforts. Our staff is primarily driven by 2-3 undergraduate students, who lead the Executive Council and develop the network in addition to one graduate Project Manager. Meet our team!

Sasha Jenkins

Network Ambassador

Sasha is a junior in International Studies with a general track in International Human Rights. She is originally from Portland, OR, and has previously worked for humanitarian non-profit Global Citizen and interned at the US Mission to the UN. In her spare time, she likes to draw and paint, and is a DJ for Rainy Dawg Radio.

Zoe Shadan

Network Ambassador

Hello! My name is Zoe and I am currently a sophomore as a Communication and intended Political Science major. I have always had a passion for learning about and working with others in diverse environments in pursuit of collaborative goals. After taking a course with Lance Bennett, my passions were honed in on how pursuing intersectional sustainability in our university and local community could be a truly positive and powerful opportunity. This organization has given me the opportunity to apply my specific interests in how relationships within our society work to the broader scale of the sustainability of our government, economy, and environment. I am excited to now be a part of SAN, working with such an amazing and creative team to evolve this movement on how holistic sustainability pertains to all of us and our interests.

Sky Stahl

Network Ambassador

Sky is a musician, an artist, and a friend. Growing up in the music/art festival circuit, he has been building relationships in creative communities his whole life. Studying business and communications at the University of Washington, his studies are focused on strategies and frameworks for driving collective action and synergy. He sees music and art as the most important vehicle for change.

Scott Davis

Project Manager

I am a child of the West, having grown up in California, Utah, and Washington. I came to Seattle to attend the University of Washington, where I earned a BA in Political Science with a minor in Environmental Science and Resource Management. Seattle taught me about urban politics, and I became very active in a number of progressive and social justice organizations over the years. I co-founded a 501c3 Non-Profit that engaged young adults in social justice research and activism.I worked with many of the regions most active organizations.  I founded a worker owned coffee shop and worked for one of the larger worker cooperatives in the US. Shortly after this, I had a child. Today I am father to three and I’ve moved out of Seattle onto the west side of “Tiger Mountain” in Issaquah, WA. My kids and I walk the forest and enjoy its beauty together. I am studying restoration ecology and horticulture primarily, as well supplemental coursework. I expect to graduate in June of 2019, and I am seeking a career in the fields of restoration ecology & ecological forest management.