UW Sustainability Action Network

UW-SAN Executive Council Partner Profiles


The Campus Sustainability Fund’s mission is to foster a sustainable and environmentally conscious campus. They fund student projects (including SAN!) that are geared towards creating a sustainable impact on the university and subsequently empower students to take on leadership positions by providing a funded opportunity. CSF is one example of the intersectionality between three of our sustainability pillars, environment, economy, and society, because of its equitable application of their funds and the opportunity it provides students who may otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue their environmentally conscious projects.

Website: https://csf.uw.edu/

    Social Media:

Twitter: @uwcsf
Instagram: uw_csf
Facebook: UW Campus Sustainability Fund



EcoReps is a student run organization branching out of UW Sustainability that focuses on student involvement with environmentally sustainable actions and practices. Green Greeks is an EcoReps program that is just one way how the organization gets the Greek community involved, working to crete green initiatives and providing interactive opportunities for the Greek community.

Website: http://green.uw.edu/ecoreps

    Social Media:

Facebook: UW EcoReps



“The Hip-Hop Student Association is a community built on the 5 pillars of hip-hop. Our mission is to build a community of creators, providing a platform for artists, and being ambassadors of hip-hop culture.”

    Social Media:

Facebook: @uwhhsa

Instagram: @uwhhsa

Twitter: @uwhhsa


Net Impact

“A national nonprofit dedicated to empowering students at UW to bring transformational social and environmental change to the workplace and world.”

Website: http://netimpact.org

  Social Media:

Facebook: uwnetimpactundergrad




S.A.G.E. is a student organization overarching the Environmental community, but lends open arms to any UW affiliate. Through various events and a strong message about collaboration, connection,networking, and compassion, S.A.G.E. provides opportunities for students to get involved in the environmental community with other passionate and environmentally conscious people.

Website/Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/groups/517182398462091/



“Fighting society’s biggest problems, taking action, and making change.”

Website: http://washpirg.org

Social Media:

Facebook: WashPIRG, UW Chapter


UW Sustainability

UW Sustainability houses a variety of student groups, including EcoReps and Green Greeks, and is a source of opportunity, resources, and the mission to acknowledge and advance UW’s commitment to sustainability. While heavily focusing on environmental conscientiousness, UW Sustainability takes up projects that incorporate a variety of our defining pillars.

Website: https://green.uw.edu/

Social Media: