UW Sustainability Action Network

Our VISION is:

A collaborative campus network that engages and empowers diverse perspectives in pursuit of sustainability in our environment, society, government, and economy.

We achieve that vision through our MISSION to:

  • Amplify partner initiatives.
  • Tell the story of holistic sustainability
  • Facilitate continuous interdisciplinary action.

And we carry out our mission through ACTION such as:

  • Intersectional Workshops
  • Activist Networking Events
  • Collaborative Events by Network Partners
  • Online Network Organization & Event Calendar
  • Annual Earth Day & Earth Week festivals

This year we are working with the UW Sustainability office to orchestrate an epic Earth Day event! Being held on April 20th, this celebration will incorporate the local art, music, and change-making scene as well as the UW student group community, and will be an empowering, fun, and eye-opening showcase of collaborative action.

We are expanding our network! With all the awesome student groups and organizations with sustainable and powerful initiatives, we are looking to grow this platform of outreach and education with more collaboration among our peers. We want you to stay tuned with us as these exciting developments take place.

Environmental justice goes beyond planting trees and recycling our trash. Social justice and democratic participation go beyond voting for our next president. Economic equity goes beyond advertising equal opportunity. These are complex issues that involve providing fair and equal labor laws, equitable and just opportunity, proactive rather than reactive conservation, growing awareness, activism over passivism, and so much more. We are here to help facilitate effective conversation, skepticism, and action through our thoughtfully developed, and evolving network and partnerships.